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10906397_10153085228453274_2515145348900190622_nNot Just Sauce has been in the local music scene mix for approximately 10 years.

That’s a decade of promoting live and unsigned music in Worcester. Being a promoter of more live gigs in more venues  than I care to remember. Acoustic, rock, country, folk, metal, punk, spoken word. I’ve done it all. Not always well. Not always profitable (in fact, profit was a rare thing).

Sometimes the attendance was great, often it was good and other times there were more people on stage than in the audience – even when it was just a solo artist playing.

I have put on local acts that have gone onto bigger and better things.  I have had the privilege of listening to some amazing live music and then have a drink with the band afterward
s.   There have been acts that I thought deserved more recognition and then there are one or two acts that I really wish I hadn’t booked.

I have learnt a lot form the people around me and I have met hundreds of fantastically talented people.

I have been fimg_0064fortunate enough to have the support of like minded people in the city and be the founding member of Worcester Music Festival which still continues to grow and inspire. I am honored to call many of the current team of festival organisers my friends.

But times chanslapmagge. With a new family I no longer have the time to organise gigs or to dedicate to a regular listings website, which is why Not Just Sauce gig guide is now in the capable hands of Slap Mag. They are doing terrific things for the city and the county and you should pick up a copy at your local venue or visit their website at
As for me, I am still around. Maybe more so. I will be posting random stuff on this site, telling you about stuff I’m up to and some stuff you should check out. You may find down the local venue watching some live music or behind the sound desk (or even behind the bar). Check out my diary on the ‘schedule page’ and maybe see you around.


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