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img_0740Worcester is finally getting in on the Comicon train. It’s the biggest convention of its sort to hit our city since, well, ever.
Organisers Lee Wallis and Lee Bradley are bringing a host of stars of screen and print to the Worcester river side venue on August 21st.

Guests so far include … deep breath ….

Robert Llewellyn (actor/writer) Red Dwarf, Scrap Heap Challenge, Car Pool.

Hattie Hayridge (actor/ Comedian Red Dwarf, Stand Up Comedian.

Syvester McCoy (actor) Doctor Who, The Hobbit.


Peter Davison (actor Doctor Who, Rigor Mortis (I love that radio show)

Jeremy Bulluch (actor) Boba Fett in Star Wars, Dr Who.

Mary Ingram (actor) Game of Thrones

Virginia Hey (actor) Farscape, Mad Max 2.

Ian McNeice (actor) Churchill in Doctor Who. HHGTTG.

Andrew Lee Potts (actor) Primeval, Band of Brothers, Alice

Alan Harris (actor) (Star Wars various aliens and double work)

Paul Warren (actor) (Varmic in Star Wars The Force Awakens)

Sarah Louise Madison (actor) Weeping Angel in Dr Who.

Andi Watson (artist/writer) Oni Press, Slave Labor, DC, Marvel and Dark Horse Comics.

Lee Bradley (artist) Marvel.

Andrew Wildman (artist) Marvel Comics.

John McCrea (artist) DC, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, 2000 AD

John Wagner (artist/writer) 2000 AD, Battle, Eagle & Scream. Roy of the Rovers.

Steve Pugh (artist) DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and 2000 AD

Lee Sullivan (artist) Marvel US & UK inc Doctor Who, RoboCop, TekWorld, Thundercats, Transformers.
That’s quite a lineup. If you add to the mix lots of fine people selling their wares and promoting their talents its set to be one hell of good event.

Sonnet O’Dell

One such person selling the results of her talents is my very good friend Sonnet O’Dell who will have copies of her books for sale at the event as well other nice goodies. Go find her at the convention and say Hi. Even better, buy one (or multiples of many, as she has more than a few) of her books. They are rather excellent.
More info coming but if you want buy tickets, check times, revised guests, or just tell Lee and Lee how wonderful they are for organizing such a great event, go to the Worcester Comic Con website at


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