To block or not to block. That is the question ?

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Recently I have been thinking of having a Facebook Friend cull but I’m the sort of person that hates to hurt people’s feeling. I hate arguing and will do my best to help anyone who needs help if I can  Hell, if I go a different route in the car to what the sat nav is telling me I feel guilty and have even apologise to it. Yes, I’m that nice.

I have been blocked / unfriended on Facebook in the past by a couple of people. That’s two people, maybe more, that I have annoyed in some way. Not sure what I did wrong but I have to admit that I was a little hurt.

So how do you unfriend someone nicely and should you feel guilty when you do it. 

Personally I have to have a good reason. Maybe they’re being mildly (or massively) racist, or sexist. Maybe they post absolute rubbish online or maybe their spelling and punctuation is so bad that you actually have no idea what they are saying.

Maybe they think The Torys are doing a great job, Donald Trump is an okay sort of guy, the earth is flat or they  don’t understand Star Trek.  (all pretty good reasons for an unfriending in my opinion).

At what point do you think enough is enough and it’s time to stop seeing this persons stupid misinformed ramblings?

I have blocked a few people in the past and felt good about it. I pride myself on being a nice guy but when someone goes on a public (Facebook) rant about a project that i have worked hard at, and then encourages his/her fans/followers/deciples to take the same stand even though they know nothing about the project,  then I get annoyed and I am scared I’ll say something hurtful or damaging. It is then that I decide to simply block them.

The dilemma lies with the borderline blockees. That’s people on my Facebook friends list that I find funny. Funny purely because I cannot believe how stupid they are. Not unintelligent (well, not really), they just say stupid things. Post without thinking or reading what they wrote and making sure it makes sense.  On one hand I find them amusing, but on the other I think life would be simpler if I didn’t see their insane ramblings.

So, to block of not to block. That is the question.

It’s a fine line between amusement and annoyance.

Then I figured life is too short to have to sift through piles of dirge so I finally gave in and blocked the offending people, and if felt good. Not great. Still had s twinge of guilt but I can live with that … I think. Everyone else on my Facebook friends list is either interesting, funny (the good kind of funny), informative or shares an interest of mine. Or they don’t post random gibberish.

Ps. Please follow/friend me on WordPress/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I’m really nice and don’t often say annoying things. Honest. 🙂

UPDATE – Just unfollowed someone on LinkedIn because they were constantly posting inspirational and thought provoking stuff about the power of self belief, the magic of self confidence and how great life would be if you had the right attitude. 

I don’t need that sort of thing first thing in the morning.


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