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waw logoYesterday I was invited down to the Worcester Arts Workshop to take part in a discussion / brain storming session.

Worcester Arts Workshop?! Where’s that?

Despite being open for over 40 years there are still many people living in Worcester that do not know it exists.

In its hey day in the 70s and 80s it was a thriving community hub of dance, music, art, discussion and craft. It had a little ‘organisational hiatus’ a while back but now it’s back.

There is a new dedicated and enthusiastic manager, a team of volunteers who are willing to work almost unearthly hours to make the place work, there are dozens of craft and art classes already taking part, amazing live music every month and possibly some of the finest food in Worcester at Cafe Bliss.

waw courtyardAt this discussion i met 20+ people who have a connection with the workshop. Class coordinators, artists, dancers, students, theatre, trustees, volunteer and everyone there had a passion for making the Worcester Arts Workshop a success it deserves to be.

Ideas were thrown around about what could happen. More live music, film nights, external community workshops, comedy, rehearsal space for bands, choirs and theatre groups. As we sat there chatting we realised that the space could be used for so much. It is an inviting and warm place to visit but being in the other of the ‘great city walls divide’ (a massive 2 minute walk from the city centre) it is under used and in slot of cases, un heard of.


But like I said, things are going to change. There is a real buzz in the air, a new excitement for what is to come. The last few years have been about making sure the doors stay open.
Now it’s time to  invite the community through those doors.

If you want to koi them by using the building in some way please gimg_0064et in touch with them. Maybe you’re in a band looking for a venue, if rehearsal space.

You could be a small theatre group looking for a place that’s affordable for you to perform.

You may have a talent that you want to teach to others.panto

If you may want to learn s new skill, or see some live music, or a non mainstream movie.

Or you just might like to eat some really great food.

Yesterday I was invited this brainstorming session. Today I invite you to visit Worcester Arts Workshop and get involved.

Worcester Arts Workshop

21 Sansome Street

01905 25053  / info@worcesterartsworkshop.org.uk


waw map





2 thoughts on “Worcester Arts Workshop #WAWProgress

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