Who’s Who and What they’ll do – Police and Crime Commisionaire Elections

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Imagine a job that you had to convince the public that you are the right man (or woman) to do the job for the next 3 (or maybe 6 if they do well) years. And imagine if you had to meet some of the public to convince them you were the best candidate… in a pub

Well, the police and crime commissionaire for Worcestershire job is up for grabs and 6 people have stepped into the ring ready to battle it out.

In the red corner (not that rings have corners) – Daniel Walton

In the blue corner – John Campion

In the yellow corner – Margaret Rowley

In the purple corner – Peter Jewell

In the green corner – John Raine

In the neutrally uncolourful independent corner (hey in a ring you can have as many corners as you like.) – Barrie Sheldon

And DING! , they come out fighting. Fighting for a fairer system, a more efficient police force and a more effective service. They are not afraid to pledge toughness and sneer in the face of red tape.
But only once the fight is over will we see if the victor can actually deliver or whether it was just a load of trash talk.

A fight kicked off at the Cap N Gown pub with the friendly and knowledgeable ref/landlord Ted Marshall in charge of proceedings.

I didn’t have a great view of the contestants (I was at the back of the room twiddling with the knobs on the pa desk making sure the candidates could be heard and searching Spotify some suitable tuneage to play later – I Shot The Sheriff and The Laughing Policeman got played a couple of times).
A lot of the main points seemed to be interchangeable between everyone. They all seemed to want to cut costs while spending more carefully. They all seemed to want to bridge the gap between the public and the police force and they all want to reduce crime (obviously). They all see fighting the causes of crime and preventing it in the first place a good starting point to bring down crime levels.
So, in order for you to know who will do what, where and when, I have done a bit of a roundup featuring some of the things they have pledged in order to get the top job. It’s not a comprehensive list and possibly subject to change / alteration, but it’s a good starting point.

Cutting crime (Everyone … Obviously)

Encourage more people to report more crime (John R)

Get tough on road offences (John R,)

More bobbies and PCSOs on the street. (John R, Margaret, John C, Daniel)

More help for victims of crime, and helping offenders rehabilitate. (John R, Margaret, John C, Barrie, Daniel)

Working together with neighbouring forces and relevant agencies. (Peter J, Barrie, Margaret)

Better local connections between the public and the police (Peter J, Margaret, John C, Barrie)

Apose Tory cuts. (Daniel)

Greater use of new technology to combat and report crime (Peter)

Manage the budget better (Peter J, Margaret, John C, Barrie)

Tackle online crime. (John C, Peter J, Daniel)

Focus on crime prevention and the causes of crime. (Barrie, John R, Margaret)

So. Tough choice. It would have been made alot easier if at least one of them had the name Gordon and had access to the bat signal.

But this is reality and Worcestershire is not Gotham do we have to be serious   🙂
I’ll be posting more info on this site soon.



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