Granny’s Attic Live at WAW

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Grannys Attic1
Granny’s Attic

Well, that was a blast from the past. The last time I saw Grannies Attic was in July 2012. It was actaully at a NJS gig – the last ever Acoustic Lunch at The Old Rectifying House. Granny’s Attic  were near the bottom of the bill below country music act The Cowley Cowboys, Folk/Americana duo The May Dolls (featuring the awesome Tyler Massey) , and local blues legend Bob Jones (first on was Wolvo indie acoustic guitarist Zim Zim if I remember right.). There were only two of them back then but even at that young age (they were probably still at school) you could tell that they were an act to watch.

Acoustic Lunch 2012 – The last time I saw Granny’s Attic.

Now they are a three piece, mandolin/fiddle, guitar, and accordion/squeezeboxes, and man, are they talented? In those four years they have matured, their vocals are perfect for the style of music they choose to play, and it seems a rare thing for a group this young to have such a passion for folk music.

They are unbelievably tight and their musicianship is that of seasoned professionals, but I suppose given the fact that they have been performing on the live scene since they were kids, they probably are seasoned.

Their confidence in what they are doing is remarkable. Their stage banter and the way they communicate with the audience was a refreshing change from the countless young bands who just play their stuff without saying a word or even a courtesy nod the audience. Some of the jokes and stories have probably been told before at some of their previous shows but so what. Grannies Attic are immensely talented song writers, story tellers and musicians and provided the packed house with a quality night of folk music.

It was great to see the Worcester Arts Workshop pretty much full for this gig. It is a great venue and is under used for live music and I even had a number of people saying how good the band sounded down in the theatre (I was the sound guy but an engineer is only ever as good as the band he is sound engineering). Despite using a brand new desk (new to me) and an unusual amount of channels needed for such a small band, I think it went really well. I was pleased with the sound and even more pleased with the compliments I was getting from members of the audience after the show and also from the band.

We had trouble with the stage lighting at the start of the gig with a fuse in the lighting desk blowing, but a quick set up of Daslight on my laptop, swapping the spotlight plugs into a new dimmer box and doing a bit of ‘on the fly’ programming, I was able to get the lights working which allowed the audience to see what they were hearing, which was a relief for everyone, me especially.

Grannys Attic2The band performed floorlessly for almost two hours, with two encores. Okay, only one actual encore, but someone shouted ‘more’ at the end of the first half and the band came back on in the second half so I think that counts.

Grannies Attic are bringing the music and passion of the past into the present and as a result of their talent the future is not looking too bad for the band. BBC Radio 2 nominated them for the young folk awards recently. Its hard to understand how they never won.


more info on the band at


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