Saving the Children with A Drop Of Acoustic Music

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Jack Monopoli

So, I heard there was some sort a gig going on at the Worcester Arts Workshop. We had a bit of trouble with the lighting desk the previous week and me being their occasionally resident sound and lighting guy, I thought I’d better get down there and make sure they had some stage lighting. And I’m so glad I did as I was able to enjoy a wonderful evening of live acoustic music courtesy of ‘A Drop In The Ocean’.


Jack Monopoli kicked off the gig with a rather stunning acoustic solo spot.Being the organiser of the gig he could have put himself anywhere on the bill but chose to go on first. This guy has talent. He is a very fine guitarist and a passionate and expressive vocalist. Mainly doing self penned tunes but also throwing in a rather nice acoustic version of King of the Swingers.



Connie Gordon

Next up was singer songwriter Connie Gordon. Simple guitar playing lovingly complemented by her wonderful voice held the audiences attention throughout. Her vocals sounded wonderful echoing through the theatre, partly thanks to the sound engineering skills of a certain Mr Tyler Massey.



Tobias Robertson

The next guy, Tobias Robertson had come all the way from Newport just for tonight. Playing a set of originals except for a truly mesmerizing version of You’ve Got a Friend. You get the feeling that he was holding his vocals back and you can just imagine how powerful he could be had he not been confined to an intimate acoustic gig. In fact you can see what he can do by checking out his performance on the voice. (watch it at or at the bottom of the page)
Oh and apparently he is Cilla Blacks great nephew.


The Blue Dive

Previously on this blog I mentioned a girl called Eva who played the Lazy Sunday a couple of weeks back. Well tonight we were treated by the full band, The Blue Dive. Three piece of vocals / guitar, bass and guitar. Some rather nice sounds coming from the band with subtle lead guitar and complimentary bass delicately backing up the distinctly sublime vocals and rhythmic acoustic guitar up front.



Fallen Branches

Headliners Fallen Branches, a brand new lineup bought a touch of Americana to the night. Three seasoned and talented musicians with whole heap of great tunes … and only 24 hours as a band to rehearse together.
Upbeat numbers like Highway 61 ran alongside the more mellower Fumbling With the Blues (A Tom Waits track) and Everybody Gotto Learn and Magnets (or was it Maggots? – I really should have asked the band). Add to the mix some damn catchy numbers like Dirty Little Secret and Come On Over to the House (another by Tom Waits) and you have a highly enjoyable set… somehow made even more enjoyable when the band threw in a number that the bass player didn’t even know and could only play along when Tyler (guitar/vocals) told him the notes.


Over all a great night of acoustic music and for a good cause too. This was a gig in support of Save The Children. If you weren’t there (then shame on you) and want to donate to the charity you can do so by clicking here.


disclaimer – sorry about the crap photos. I’d left my decent camera at home.


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