Schrödinger’s Europe

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So, who knows exactly what will happen if we leave the EU?
Not long now until the big decision. One that could change our very way of life. A choice that if we make the wrong one could disrupt our way of living, cost us millions of pounds in lost business, result in the possible outbreak of World War 3 and begin the ultimate downfall of a once great country.

Or everything could stay exactly the same, or get slightly better or maybe slightly worse.

There are always at least two sides to an argument.

The U.K. pays 13 billion into EU funds but receives 4.5 billion. It also gets free trade throughout Europe and also the prospect of future free trade with the US. But going it alone would give us the chance to renegotiate with the world on our terms.

The business world might not be keen to to do business with an independent UK, but with the U.K leaving the EU it might disrupt the already dodgy economy and the business world might see the pound as a safer bet for investing in.

Jobs will be affected … but whether jobs are lost due to a downturn in trade between the world and the U.K. or as some have predicted, jobs could be created in the influx of new opportunities in a self regulating business world.

It would be easier to control our borders outside of the EU, but it would also restrict the opportunities for British citizens to work in Europe.

I do not claim to be an expert. I don’t even claim to know as much as I should. But what I do know is that almost everyone has their opinion.

So, who knows exactly what will happen if we leave the EU?
The answer – Nobody.

Nobody knows all the facts. Nobody can predict accurately what will happen. There is no way of knowing if the UK will thrive, nose dive of merely survive if we leave. There is simply no way if knowing.

A UK outside of the EU might be good or it might be bad. Like Schrödinger’s Cat, we will only know after the (ballot) box has been opened.

On June 23rd 2016 vote with your heart and vote with you head. Vote for what you believe to be true and lets hope that the cat survives.


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