The Fete of Live Music (and chutney)

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I seem to be doing a lot of these things at the moment. No, not stupid puns and play on words, although this is the time of year I edit pantomime scripts so maybe puns and bad jokes are more likely to surface


No, what I mean are Fetes, Garden Parties, Fayres. Maybe its living out in the country (well, Lower Broadheath is kind of in the country) but I’ve noticed that there seems to be a huge amount of village fayres and fetes happening and they seem to be increasingly asking for live music too.  Five times in the past couple of months I have been asked to find live music acts for a village fayre or church fete. I have mentioned the problems and obstacles with these sort of events in a previous blog. While they are not huge payers, they do give the artist an audience who would not normally set foot in a town centre pub to see them play.


The latest one that I am involved with is The Holt Church Garden Fete on august bank holiday Monday. Here you will find a variety of stalls selling cakes, plants, crafts (including my talented wife Sarah Bennion), chutney and preserves plus  tomboloa, mini train rides, bouncy castle, and of course the classic game that everyone is talking about … Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Oh yes!

There will also be live music from The Poppy Sisters (wartime themed vocal group), Folkaholics (folk) and The Lown Lizards (soul, blues folk band).

So come along and see some great live music, and let out the Englishness in you. You may even get the chance to queue or moan about the weather. That’s how English you will feel.

2pm – 5pm
£2 entry (includes raffle ticket to win some fab stuff)


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