To block or not to block. That is the question ?

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Recently I have been thinking of having a Facebook Friend cull but I’m the sort of person that hates to hurt people’s feeling. I hate arguing and will do my best to help anyone who needs help if I can  Hell, if I go a different route in the car to what the sat nav is telling me I feel guilty and have even apologise to it. Yes, I’m that nice.

I have been blocked / unfriended on Facebook in the past by a couple of people. That’s two people, maybe more, that I have annoyed in some way. Not sure what I did wrong but I have to admit that I was a little hurt.

So how do you unfriend someone nicely and should you feel guilty when you do it.  Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy Sunday Review (sort of)

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Well that was a pretty fantastic afternoon of live music. It may have been cold but it was dry and the courtyard of the Worcester Arts Workshop was packed with people keen to welcome back the new season of Lazy Sundays.IMG_0050[1]

For those of you who don’t know, Lazy Sunday is a monthly live music event organised by Amanda and Eloina at Cafe Bliss. Running during the warmer months, normally April to September it takes place outside in the courtyard. They seem to get some amazing acts from all over the country and this month (April) was no exception.  Read the rest of this entry »

Comic Con Cometh

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img_0740Worcester is finally getting in on the Comicon train. It’s the biggest convention of its sort to hit our city since, well, ever.
Organisers Lee Wallis and Lee Bradley are bringing a host of stars of screen and print to the Worcester river side venue on August 21st.

Guests so far include … deep breath ….

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Lazy Sunday is Back

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Tlazy sunday aprilhe sun is out, the clocks have gone forward, Easter egg wrappers fill the bins and are a distant memory. It can only mean one thing. Lazy Sunday at cafe bliss is back. An afternoon of some of the finest live music in the city, glorious sun beating down on the courtyard and Ms Bliss filling our nostrils (and bellys) with some delicious Belize cuisine.

This month’s lazy Sunday has the incredible singer/songwriter/guitarist talents of  Ian Luther ( , the souful vibes of the awesome Mahalia ( and finsihed off by Acadia Roots ( mixing  African rhythms and instruments with infectious soul melodies, Its going to be quite a gig, and all for just £3. Read the rest of this entry »

Not Just Another Pointless Blog

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10906397_10153085228453274_2515145348900190622_nNot Just Sauce has been in the local music scene mix for approximately 10 years.

That’s a decade of promoting live and unsigned music in Worcester. Being a promoter of more live gigs in more venues  than I care to remember. Acoustic, rock, country, folk, metal, punk, spoken word. I’ve done it all. Not always well. Not always profitable (in fact, profit was a rare thing). Read the rest of this entry »

A Day in the life of an new (ish) dad

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12240142_10154126032523274_4851441122606053758_nThey say that looking after a child is hard work. Well, it’
s about time that I found out …
Six months. That’s how much time I have had to prepare for a day of looking after my son. Not that I haven’t looked after him before. I have. Many times, but I have always had the assurance that my wife was just a room away, or a street away or at least in the same city. Today was different. She was in another county with very little phone signal. Read the rest of this entry »

Man starts an online blog, posts a link to it on Facebook and Twitter … You’ll never guess what happens next. 

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58109_451184190352_1935494_n2Okay, maybe you will. The visitor to the blog gets very annoyed that it’s just another poor excuse to advertise tat, tell a crappy story about how a man did an an average thing and got a result that was not totally unexpected.Or you have to  trawl through pages and pages of adverts to get to the point of the article which just so happens to be very dull.

But not this one….. Read the rest of this entry »