For the past 5 years I have been writing pantomime scripts for local theatre groups. The scripts on this site are a labour of love and are silly, funny, witty and fullpromo-cover of bad jokes, one liners and an almost coherent plot … just like panto should be.

 There are also short scripts and extended sketches. I love writing these as well, purely for the fact that it’s a short sharp blast of theatre in a hectic world.

Download my Promo Pack here – PROMO PACK 1

 So, take a look around, we would love to hear from you and keep popping back to read more of my work. If you are a theatre group that would like to use one of my scripts (panto scripts are priced fairly based on the amount of work involved writing it. Short scripts are mostly free to perform… although I would like to hear from anyone planning to perform them.), please get in touch.


“Chris Bennion’s Cinderella script is well-written, funny and ideal for performance.”
Chris Jaeger, professional Director, Swan Theatre, Worcester

 “Chris is a talented script-writer and ‘Cinderella’ was a great success. He wrote a script that was perfectly tailored to our needs and he demonstrated great understanding of how staging a panto works. All of the feedback I’ve received about ‘Cinderella’ has been hugely positive and I know that a lot of that can be attributed to Chris’ script. I am excited to see what Chris produces in the future!'”
Jo Howe, Director, Norton Theatre Group, Worcester